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BUTAN GRUP is a privately-owned Romanian company, specialized in the design, fabrication. mounting and start-up mainly for the lifting installations out of a very large range of functions and capacities.
Sediul administrativ: Galati, Str. Traian nr. Galati, Str. Traian nr.463

Sediu Butan Grup

25 de ani de Butan Grup

   Over the years, BUTAN GRUP developed by successfully approaching some other complex works from the field of construction and industrial installations.
   BUTAN GRUP upgraded its production sector for lifting installations as well as for new auxiliary devices at its Production factory situated on National Road (DN) 26, km 15, in Galati County, Romania.

Hala productie Butan Grup

   The company has implemented and maintained a quality – environment and work health and safety system according to standards SR EN ISO 9001 : 2008, SR EN ISO 14001 :2005 and SR OHSAS 18001 : 2008 being certified by ROCERT SA Bucharest.
   Also, the company is authorised by the National Authority for the Control and Approval of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Hoisting Equipment – ISCIR.

BUTAN GRUP your partner in the design, manufacture and installation of lifting installations, industrial buildings “at the Key” and other types of installations and metal structures.

   In domeniile de activitate ale BUTAN GRUP, colaborarea cu partenerii sai se realizeaza pentru a obtine maximum de satisfactie pentru clienti in ceea ce priveste produsele sau serviciile, cat si satisfacerea cerintelor tuturor partilor interesate privind activitatea in ansamblu a organizatiei.
We supply advanced and flexible solutions:

  • In metallurgy and iron and steel industry
  • In a shipyard
  • In cellulose and paper combined
  • in ports and areas with industrial facilities
  • for lifting installations
  • in areas with mining facilities

BUTAN GRUP is currently specialised for works regarding LIFTING INSTALLATIONS, INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATIONS, PLATEWORK, covering consultancy activities as well as design (with execution details), fabrication, assembling, repairs, modernisations, maintenance and service.

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