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About Butan Grup

BUTAN GRUP is a privately-owned Romanian company, specialized in the design, fabrication. mounting and start-up mainly for the lifting installations out of a very large range of functions and capacities.

In domeniile de activitate ale BUTAN GRUP, colaborarea cu partenerii sai se realizeaza pentru a obtine maximum de satisfactie pentru clienti in ceea ce priveste produsele sau serviciile, cat si satisfacerea cerintelor tuturor partilor interesate privind activitatea in ansamblu a organizatiei.

Discover the lifting installations from Butan Grup

Gantry cranes

Gantry cranes, ranging from 1,6 tones to 300 tons, depending on the technological working condition and client requirements


BUTAN GRUP produces various constructive variants for the following cran types: portal cranes, from 1,6 tons to 100 tons; ob cranes, from 0,5 tons to 20 tons.

Electrically driven hoists

We can dimension and supply a large range of cable or chain hoists - electrically driven, for different applications.

Aprecieri si recunoasteri

Pe parcursul celor 25 de ani de activitate sub deviza “EXCELENTA, CALITATE, PROMPTITUDINE”, produsele,serviciile, activitatea in ansamblu a organizatiei noastre au fost appreciate atat de catre clienti, cat si de catre autoritati sau diverse organizatii neguvernamentale.

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