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About Butan Grup

BUTAN GRUP is a privately-owned Romanian company, specialized in the design, fabrication. mounting and start-up mainly for the lifting installations out of a very large range of functions and capacities.

In the fields of activity of BUTAN GRUP, the collaboration with its partners is carried out in order to obtain maximum satisfaction for customers in terms of products or services, as well as satisfying the requirements of all interested parties regarding the overall activity of the organization. We supply advanced and flexible solutions:

Discover the lifting installations from Butan Grup

Gantry cranes

Gantry cranes, ranging from 1,6 tones to 300 tons, depending on the technological working condition and client requirements


BUTAN GRUP produces various constructive variants for the following cran types: portal cranes, from 1,6 tons to 100 tons; ob cranes, from 0,5 tons to 20 tons.

Electrically driven hoists

We can dimension and supply a large range of cable or chain hoists - electrically driven, for different applications.

Appreciation and recognition

During the 25 years of activity under the motto "EXCELLENCE, QUALITY, PROMPTITY", the products, services, activity as a whole of our organization have been appreciated both by clients and by authorities or various non-governmental organizations.

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